See Wikilin Add-on that is Forefox Add-on of Wikilin.

I am making Wikilin PC editor. I’d like to get your feedback.

This editor application is Html file for FireFox browser only. I tested WindowsXP and Ubuntu. Please download this link, do not open direct from browser.

  1. Open the saved html file with FireFox.
  2. FireFox shows alert that this html file includes script to edit your local file,  and click “OK”.
  3. Click “Setting” button on top.
  4. Input absolute path that your wiki text file saved in PC.
  5. Click “Close” button or “Setting” button to close setting page.
  6. If setting path is available, then titles are appeared in index tab.
  7. Your setting is saved as “_WikilinSetting.txt” in saved html file directory.

Please try.